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Growing up along Sunset Cliffs of San Diego, I learned to operate under sun and in the ocean. My childhood was filled with surfing – both waves and sidewalks, repairing board separation related wounds – mine and friends, and tackling increasingly growing tarmacs. Like superman, I drew my strength from the sun. It charged and drove me.

Years later, I migrated northward. Summoned by differentiating seasons, mountains, snow and rain I threw myself into the mountains and churning grey waves. Admittedly, I stubbornly held onto my southern roots by trying all of this, regardless of the conditions, in flip flops and shorts. In time I found my strength was not actually strictly from the sun but by movement, by exploring, by challenging and by laughing my ass off at each and every stumble.

Intertwined was my formal education. In addition to playing in the ocean, I was now studying them. Rotating between Alaska, Hawaii, Seattle, research boats, conferences and flights in which I packed surfboards and skis together I felt the world move with me. The ever changing assignments, movement and environments stretched my imagination and strength further.

After seeing and being and experiencing, I felt a growing urgency to share what I’ve witnessed. With a penchant for telling a story, I finally channeled the right side of my brain and decided to skip words and use imagery. A picture or films ability to tell a story is light years past any other medium.

From documentaries to darkrooms to digital – I love conveying what I see and what I am learning – both from my subjects to the world around me.

Grab a paddle, pedal, pole or perch and lets tell the next story together…

Ever moving, Kevin


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Schmidt Ocean Insitute



Tesla Motors

Specialized Bicycles 

Mt Baker Ski Area



Hinge Crossfit


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